Bypass proposal — Broadwindsor

Our parish council is supporting this because Broadwindsor is one of the villages that becomes gridlocked when there are accidents on the A35. This group has asked for this letter to be featured on community websites and parish magazines. It’s probably too long for our magazine, but here it is for your perusal: Dear Sir […]

via Bypass proposal — Broadwindsor

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Confirmed diagnosis at last

Having been feeling ill since April and after months & months of medical tests, I have at last been diagnosed as suffering with Fibromyalgia, very similar symptoms to CFS/ME which is what my own GP thought was causing my problems – I can now focus on targeting this condition head on & with the correct pain relief I’m told I will see some improvement quite quickly and although it is a ‘chronic condition’ and life changing, there are many other people leading active lives whilst having Fibromyalgia and I’m now feeling much more positive about getting back to work in the New Year, yes, I have had to change my lifestyle and to accept I cannot do my own housework, or walk as far as I used to, or carry anything heavier than a can of beans – but I’m still able to drive and that to those who know me is very important to me.


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Today’s visit to Thorncombe Village Shop

I’m just back from holding my first ‘surgery’ as District Councillor for Thorncombe at the Thorncombe Village Shop, as soon as I arrived and sat down with my first coffee, there was gentleman needing information, and hopefully I answered all his queries, I then managed to sit outside with a lady for a chat about lots of different issues, and also a ‘catch up with Pauline on ‘Responders’ – then another cup of coffee before chatting to several other people – I also spoke to Phil about the issues with getting the Post Office outreach service started, I have already been in contact the Bridport Post Office (who will be running the service) and have sent numerous emails regarding the ‘telephone line’ problems – I’m also hoping to be able to volunteer at the Shop.

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Thank you to everyone who voted for me

I received 922 votes in the District Council election, an overwhelming majority, thank you to everybody who voted for me, especially those in Bettiscombe, Marshwood and the Thorncombe area’s that are now part of the Broadwindsor Ward, it will be a privilege to represent you.
I will continue to work hard and be available to everybody, I will try to visit all the villages every month, I’m already involved in current projects, and the new Community Speed Watch group in Marshwood.
So I’m back to work immediately, Broadwindsor Parish Council’s meeting tomorrow night, District Council meetings Tuesday and Thursday, as well as evening meetings on Wednesday & Thursday.

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Trying out the kit for the proposed Speed Watch Group in Marshwood

Community Speedwatch 007

After the meeting to form Marshwood’s ‘Community Speed Watch Group’ we had a go with the kit – the picture shows me with the ‘clicker’ counting the vehicles – and the speed checking device is no bigger than a mobile phone – very clever technology

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My 2014 Annual Parish Meeting report – interesting read, especially about buses

Over the past 12 months there have been many changes at the District Council; the Shared Services Partnership with Weymouth & Portland has resulted in savings of £2.1m – which has enabled West Dorset District Council to keep the council tax for 2013/14 the same as last year, still protecting front line services, no cuts to grants to our local voluntary and community groups – and have frozen short stay car parking charges yet again to help local businesses.

Moving into new greener offices in ‘South Walks House’ have given us more savings from better ways of working, also getting the maximum potential from our workforce, and for the first time, public and staff can access the whole building if they have a disability – and at a total build cost of under £10million – almost £1 million under budget, this will also save the District Council more than £200,000 every year in running costs – much more that was budgeted for.

I now turn to a issues raised in our Local Plan.

Although Public Transport is no longer my responsibility as it passed to County some time ago I still do what I can to assist & of course I actually use the bus most weeks. At Drimpton Somerset County Council changed the route of the 99 Bus – it no longer goes through the village – but looking at the route that it takes it is still possible to catch this bus from Horn Ash – which is not too far for someone to be dropped off, or into Broadwindsor to catch the 47 Bus to Crewkerne – the 47 bus has a new timetable – I have put copies in the Comrades Hall & our Community Shop & is available on-line.

The best news is that the Number 42 Bus to Bridport on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s continues, although it leaves at 9.28am -Bus Passes can still be used – this was a totally NEW service that I initiated after I was first elected in 2007 as there wasn’t a bus to anywhere in Dorset running from Drimpton. Also the lack of and the seemingly uncoordinated timetables between bus & trains is a huge problem – consultation between the bus & train companies is on-going & as soon as I hear anything I will get the information out.

Affordable Housing

A CLT Community Land Trust has been formed in Marshwood – if enough people put themselves forward to form an action group – this could be the way forward for this area as well, please contact me if you are interested in this.

Refuse & Recycling

As I said last year, West Dorset District Council has become part of the Dorset Waste Partnership – this partnership is responsible for managing 11 household recycling centres across Dorset & dealing with over 65,000 tonnes of waste – the collection PLASTIC – the service has already started and it will be here in 2014 -future years will bring more challenges…

Cllr Jacqui Sewell – 01308 867145

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My daughter Katie – with her ‘two mothers’


Another year, another mothers day
There is no card in the post to say
How much you mean to me
But in my heart you will always be
The mum who saw me through
Everything scary and new
I may not say it with paper and pen
But I think of you mum even when
You are not near me to be seen
I don’t care that we share no gene
So take this poem as a way to say
I love you each and every day xxx

Katie Joanne

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Hot Cross Buns & Easter Biscuits at the Post Office on Tuesday 7th April

Hi everyone, just to say we will be serving Hot Cross Buns & Easter Bisuits as well as coffee’s / tea’s on Tuesday 7th April at the Post Office in Comrades Hall from 10-12noonimage

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Looking back at Bus Transport since 2007

image Back in 2007 there were no buses from Drimpton into Bridport, the only bus was the 99 Bus running into Somerset – I promised if elected that I would look at providing a bus service for the Drimpton residents to have a bus to Bridport, after I was elected to the District Council and after some 18 months of negotiations Mike Halford started the 42 Bus to Bridport on Wednesdays & Saturday’s, unfortunately after a service review we lost the Saturday Bus – the 42 Bus Route is now run by Damory & hopefully it will continue, we must ensure that it is well used. The 47 Bus from Bridport to Yeovil was lost for a short while as well, but again after lobbying by myself, the County Councillor, other district councillors and the 47 users group, endless talks were held with the operator and Dorset County Council, a compromise has been achieved and the 40 Bus route has been extended through to Yeovil, a brilliant result, the 99 Bus Route was lost after a service review by Somerset County Council, but I’m hopeful that the 99 bus route will be looked at again.

The photo above shows me with the 213 Broadwindsor to Dorchester Market Day bus which was cut, but after a campaign led by Caroline Meatyard we were successful in getting it back.

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New picture of me checking out Fly Tipping in Drimpton


Just got this picture of me inspecting the ‘fly tipping’ of roofing sheets in Netherhay Lane last October – it is so frustrating that people dump their rubbish instead of taking it to a tip – Crewkerne Recycling Centre is only 5 miles further down the road.

A quick reminder of timing – 8.15am I receive a telephone call from a resident of Oxhayes – 8.30am I drive over, check to see what’s been dumped, take photograph & email in to the Dorset Waste Parnership and items were cleared before lunchtime.

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