Cllr Jacqui Sewell

Jacqui Sewell


I have known Jacqui Sewell, both as a friend and also as a District Councillor representative serving on the editorial team of the local Parish Council magazine, for a number of years.   I have always found her to be a friendly, committed and helpful person.   Her loyalty to, her interests in, and her knowledge of the local community is extensive.

Joy McClellan


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Cllr Jacqui Sewell

This is a difficult reference to write, because if I were to comment fully on Jacqui’s actions in helping her community, it would make her some kind of secular saint, not a colleague and friend. Instead let me offer words of criticism.

She can be infuriating, she is sometimes far too honest, she may take a very different view in support of what should be common ground, she is always well versed in the background of the subject we re dealing with –  and she tends to correct my grammar.

BUT she is totally politically agnostic and is usually right!!

We share several committees covering a wide range of subjects; her knowledge of this area and our people is both encyclopedic, personal and invaluable.
“Ask Jacqui” is a usual starting point or phone call, but more than that, she has the experience – or knows someone that has – to take up the cause of a parishioner, community member or even anyone who has bad luck or misfortune heaped upon them.

If you have a problem with the council – or any other authority and need outside help, Jacqui is your best helper. I could list the incidents where she has been involved in resolving the situation but this would be too tedious to recall and more boring to read. But for most of us, we are pleased to think of Jacqui as a good friend.

This is in total opposition to her councillor colleague from a senior council who will tell you firmly why you are wrong and his council is right, even when they are mistaken. Jacqui will always represent a persons needs or wishes as opposed to this councillor’s routine representation of the councils authority.

No wonder she is so high regarded by all that know her and some that fear her.

Ali Cameron
Upper Marshwood Vale Parish Councillor

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The new Unitary Dorset Council

5CA22279-006C-4870-B180-CF892D3FF9C0I have just heard that I have been approved as a Conservative Candidate for next years Election for the new Unitary Dorset Council & am hopeful that I will be chosen to stand for the Marshwood Vale Ward – this new Ward covers the whole of my existing Ward which is Thorncombe in the north, Marshwood in the east  (where I lived with my family from 1975 until 1987, when I moved to Broadwindsor), down to part of Whitchurch CC  and the new Ward extends to include all of Whitchurch, Ryall then right down to the coast and Stoke Abbott is also included  – see map above

I have been serving my community as a District Councillor since 2007 and now with more than 11 years of experience feel that I’m well placed to represent all of the residents of this new Marshwood Vale Ward




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Results of the recent West Bay car boot sale survey – Dorset news

It was back in March this year that I heard that the Car Boot was at risk & I decided to lobby for it to continue, it wasn’t just about the money donated by WDDC to Charities, it also effected those charities that had a stall at the Car Boot itself – a couple from Broadwindsor raise a considerable amount of money for the Dorset Air Ambulance by selling donated goods at this Car Boot & I’m so pleased that the survey has shown how much it is valued by the residents of WDDC

Cllr Jacqui Sewell

District Councillor for Broadwindsor

— Read on

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Closure of Marshwood Shop & PO

I have just returned from a meeting in Marshwood with regard to the closure of the Shop & Post Office, unfortunately Mr John Walther who is 82 suffered a fall and is now unable to continue to operate the Shop & PO.
In 1975 when I moved into Marshwood John was running the Garage & Shop, and he has worked tirelessly there ever since, even in the bad weather Marshwood Shop would always be open, John has served this community for over 40 years, delivering newspapers, milk, gas, and groceries, including the prescription collection service and at today’s meeting I was told that this will re-start shortly but prescriptions will have to be collected from the garage.
As to the future, part of ongoing work of the Upper Marshwood Vale Neighbourhood Plan & with the CLT are looking to identify potential sites and funding which may result in a Community Project that could establish a Community Shop & PO for Marshwood (sometime ago a group of local residents did explore the possibility of starting a community shop for when Mr Walther retired but it wasn’t sufficiently supported)
But now the shop has closed, action needs to be started to find out whether there is enough support to look seriously at getting a Community Shop up and running – this is likely to take some time, firstly there needs to be apublic meeting for residents to have their say and hopefully enough people will put themselves forward to help, there are already two successful Community Shops in Broadwindsor & Thorncombe and I’m sure Marshwood will be able to create and run a successful Community Shop as well – please email me at if you can help.
Cllr Jacqui Sewell
District Councillor for Marshwood

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Successful Garage Sale in Broadwindsor

via Villagers get their homes – and garages – in order

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At last, after 12 months of ‘hassle’ common sense prevailed at the Planning Committee


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New rules for public spaces – click on link below

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Conservative Spring Forum

Spent a brilliant 3 days in London attending the Conservative Spring Forum event, met up with so many new ‘Young Conservative Activists’ really refreshing to hear them extolling the virtues of being a Conservative, wanting to work hard to achieve their goals in life, to get a good education, then get a job that suits their talents, but also wanting to help others to achieve their goals as well

Then on Saturday our Prime Minister, Teresa May updated us on what’s happening with regard to Brexit and the incident in Salisbury, all very encouraging

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Ofsted praise for primary school — Broadwindsor

Broadwindsor School has received another ‘good’ Ofsted report after the latest inspection. “This school continues to be good. “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You invite all staff to make a contribution, share ideas and lead on initiatives. Consequently, staff feel positive about working […]

via Ofsted praise for primary school — Broadwindsor

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