About Jacqui

In 1969 I started married life living & working on a Farm just outside Crewkerne, eventuality moving to the Marshwood Vale in 1974, along with my eldest 2 daughters, when my first husband began working on a Farm just outside Beaminster, that was until 1987 when a Tractor Accident ended our Farming lifestyle, moving to Marshalsea, Marshwood, where we had to start a new way of life – I became a Guider with Hawkchurch & Marshwood Guides, a Special Constable, Foster Parent, subsequently adopting 2 more daughters, one with special needs, in 1987 we moved to Broadwindsor to be nearer to Special Needs Education facility for her.

Early in 2007 I was encouraged to stand for election to the District Council for the first time, thanks to the support I received I was elected as the District Councillor for Broadwindsor and District in May that year (elected again in 2011 & again 2015 when the BW extended to include Bettiscombe, Marshwood & Thorncombe)  My aim in standing was simple “to represent my District – to make sure your views were listened to & acted upon”

Having lived and worked in the Marshwood Vale area since 1974, (with 18 years personal experience of living and working on Farms) I have been able to draw on my own personal experiences and have been able to influence the inclusion of new policies in WDDC’s new Local Plan with regard to the re-use of redundant farm buildings, the development of single buildings outside DDB’s (defined developers boundary’s) in rural locations and the protection of farm land that is used for food production.

With the review of the current Local Plan I have helped bring about a new definition of “isolated” with reference to planning applications & a totally new Policy HOUSE7 that sets out how to apply to have an “occupation condition” removed, after I was instrumental in getting the very first “legal removal of an Agricultural Occupancy Condition” in West Dorset on the 7th July 2017 and the second was the 19th July this year.

We all need faster broadband and that is coming – I’m working with various groups to facilitate this essential service which is in its final stages.

I’m currently involved in and volunteer for the following projects:
Broadwindsor Community Responders
Broadwindsor Neighbourhood Plan
Broadwindsor Post Office Users Group
Friends of Common Water Lane Group
Broadwindsor Community Shop
Upper Marshwood Vale Neighbourhood Plan
Marshwood CLT
Marshwood Speedwatch Group
Drimpton Speed Watch Group
Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust

At district I serve on three Committee’s – Licensing and Overview & Scrutiny, where I’m the vice Chairman, I’m also on the Shadow Joint Overview & Scrutiny Committee, and I’m part of the Communications and Engagment Task Group.

Please email me, jacquisewell@me.com if you want to receive my reports or visit my ‘blog page’ where I post information about any issues relevant to each part of my district.

I work hard and make things happen – I’m here to help everybody.


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