Cllr Jacqui Sewell

This is a difficult reference to write, because if I were to comment fully on Jacqui’s actions in helping her community, it would make her some kind of secular saint, not a colleague and friend. Instead let me offer words of criticism.

She can be infuriating, she is sometimes far too honest, she may take a very different view in support of what should be common ground, she is always well versed in the background of the subject we re dealing with –  and she tends to correct my grammar.

BUT she is totally politically agnostic and is usually right!!

We share several committees covering a wide range of subjects; her knowledge of this area and our people is both encyclopedic, personal and invaluable.
“Ask Jacqui” is a usual starting point or phone call, but more than that, she has the experience – or knows someone that has – to take up the cause of a parishioner, community member or even anyone who has bad luck or misfortune heaped upon them.

If you have a problem with the council – or any other authority and need outside help, Jacqui is your best helper. I could list the incidents where she has been involved in resolving the situation but this would be too tedious to recall and more boring to read. But for most of us, we are pleased to think of Jacqui as a good friend.

This is in total opposition to her councillor colleague from a senior council who will tell you firmly why you are wrong and his council is right, even when they are mistaken. Jacqui will always represent a persons needs or wishes as opposed to this councillor’s routine representation of the councils authority.

No wonder she is so high regarded by all that know her and some that fear her.

Ali Cameron
Upper Marshwood Vale Parish Councillor

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