Closure of Marshwood Shop & PO

I have just returned from a meeting in Marshwood with regard to the closure of the Shop & Post Office, unfortunately Mr John Walther who is 82 suffered a fall and is now unable to continue to operate the Shop & PO.
In 1975 when I moved into Marshwood John was running the Garage & Shop, and he has worked tirelessly there ever since, even in the bad weather Marshwood Shop would always be open, John has served this community for over 40 years, delivering newspapers, milk, gas, and groceries, including the prescription collection service and at today’s meeting I was told that this will re-start shortly but prescriptions will have to be collected from the garage.
As to the future, part of ongoing work of the Upper Marshwood Vale Neighbourhood Plan & with the CLT are looking to identify potential sites and funding which may result in a Community Project that could establish a Community Shop & PO for Marshwood (sometime ago a group of local residents did explore the possibility of starting a community shop for when Mr Walther retired but it wasn’t sufficiently supported)
But now the shop has closed, action needs to be started to find out whether there is enough support to look seriously at getting a Community Shop up and running – this is likely to take some time, firstly there needs to be apublic meeting for residents to have their say and hopefully enough people will put themselves forward to help, there are already two successful Community Shops in Broadwindsor & Thorncombe and I’m sure Marshwood will be able to create and run a successful Community Shop as well – please email me at if you can help.
Cllr Jacqui Sewell
District Councillor for Marshwood

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