Thank you to everyone who voted for me

I received 922 votes in the District Council election, an overwhelming majority, thank you to everybody who voted for me, especially those in Bettiscombe, Marshwood and the Thorncombe area’s that are now part of the Broadwindsor Ward, it will be a privilege to represent you.
I will continue to work hard and be available to everybody, I will try to visit all the villages every month, I’m already involved in current projects, and the new Community Speed Watch group in Marshwood.
So I’m back to work immediately, Broadwindsor Parish Council’s meeting tomorrow night, District Council meetings Tuesday and Thursday, as well as evening meetings on Wednesday & Thursday.


About Jacqui Sewell

Broadwindsor & District Councillor since May 2007 - includes Thorncombe, Marshwood and Bettiscombe from May 2015 Dorset Vale Designs - hand made exclusive knitwear Wessex Home & Office Furniture in Crewkerne
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