Looking back at Bus Transport since 2007

image Back in 2007 there were no buses from Drimpton into Bridport, the only bus was the 99 Bus running into Somerset – I promised if elected that I would look at providing a bus service for the Drimpton residents to have a bus to Bridport, after I was elected to the District Council and after some 18 months of negotiations Mike Halford started the 42 Bus to Bridport on Wednesdays & Saturday’s, unfortunately after a service review we lost the Saturday Bus – the 42 Bus Route is now run by Damory & hopefully it will continue, we must ensure that it is well used. The 47 Bus from Bridport to Yeovil was lost for a short while as well, but again after lobbying by myself, the County Councillor, other district councillors and the 47 users group, endless talks were held with the operator and Dorset County Council, a compromise has been achieved and the 40 Bus route has been extended through to Yeovil, a brilliant result, the 99 Bus Route was lost after a service review by Somerset County Council, but I’m hopeful that the 99 bus route will be looked at again.

The photo above shows me with the 213 Broadwindsor to Dorchester Market Day bus which was cut, but after a campaign led by Caroline Meatyard we were successful in getting it back.

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