Looking back at some issue about ‘trees’

Over the past 8 years, hedges and  ‘other people’s tree’s’ have been a recurring issue that I’ve helped many residents with. My first encounter with the ‘Anit-social Behaviour Act 2003’ was at The Old Bakery where there were 3 very tall conifer’s growing in the small strip of land that leads down to the Telephone Exchange, they were overshadowing the houses & with high winds were at risk of being blown down – after what seemed like months of emails flying back & forth the owners of the land eventually arranged to have them topped.

Another resident had an issue with branches from a ‘neighbour’s tree’s falling into his garden causing damage, again the responsibility for the damage is with the owner of the tree, it is so important to inspect the tree’s on your land for signs of damage etc, in the picture below you can clearly see a large crack in the trunk & also take account of the height, to see where it would fall if it was damaged in a storm. There are plenty of aboricultural advisers in the area, who can advise of remedial works etc.

A few months ago a member of the public reported another problem with a Conifer Hedge overshadowing houses & consequently making a path very slippery – the owners of the property have said the trees were in place before the houses – however the facts are that the tree’s are causing ‘a nuisance’ and it’s the responsibility of the landowner to remedy the problem.

If you have problems with Conifer’s it’s WDDC  planning department that is responsible for high hedge enquiries under part 8 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 – this is where the trees (more than 3 in a line constitutes a hedge) are causing a problem.


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