Catch up over Coffee with Sandra

014Met up with Sandra for coffee in Bridport on Saturday, we used to lived next door to each other in Marshwood, it seems so long ago now, we brought some old photo’s to share, the top picture shows my youngest daughter Katie (second from the right) with her big yellow Teddy Bear on Marshwood School’s Playing field enjoying a ‘Teddy Bears’ picnic, the middle photograph shows my daughter Tina (second from the left) sitting behind Kara (Sandra’s daughter) the bottom picture shows Katie again running in the toddler race with me behind her encouraging her to run – it’s hard to believe that all our daughter’s are grown up adults now with children of their own, one of the strangest coincidences is that back in the 1980’s in this small cul-de-sac of 8 houses 3 of us became Foster Parents. And now I am supporting the ‘Marshwood safe route to school’ initiative – having walked to & from Marshwood school with my own children twice a day from 1975 to 1987, many times having to jump onto the bank, sometimes with a double pushchair with foster children in it, cars just didn’t give way to pedestrian’s, and now in 2015 nothing has changed and there are far more car’s on the road’s and Agricultural Vehicles have increased in size.

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