Snowman Drive at Blackdown Hall

Saturday 30th January Snowman Drive at Blackdown Hall

Saturday 30th January Snowman Drive at Blackdown Hall

On Saturday night I went with 2 friends to the snowman drive raising funds for Blackdown Church, it was nearly a ‘full house’ and so good to see so many children there – and yet this hall has no play equipment outside for out-door play when events are held in warmer months – this is something that needs looking into, as outdoor play is so important for our children, and with how many children live in the Blackdown area it’s essential, all the other Village Halls in my area have play areas with fantastic equipment, with Drimpton even having a football pitch.

But first the kitchen needs sorting out, most food is brought into any event fully prepared and then simply served at the Hall, the kitchen is not up to modern requirements, last night the hot water didn’t work (again) and the washing up water had to be heated in pots on top of the gas hob, the ‘Kitchen Refurbishment Fund’ started fundraising last year, however in January Mrs Teresa Carter had a wonderful surprise when she opened a letter from Australia and a cheque for £5,000 fell onto the floor – it was from Eileen Sandy who had lived in Blackdown with her first husband and her sister Rita, when Eileen’s husband died she remarried and moved to Australia, but kept the house in Blackdown where her sister Rita continued to live, Eileen came over on a regular basis every year staying several months at a time until the death of Rita two years ago – please read her letter below;

imagePlans have been drawn up by a local architect (these plans were produced ‘free of charge’) – those plans now have gone out to several local building companies for ‘estimates’, let’s hope other businesses in the area are generous as well, as soon as the costs of the proposals are known, the committee hope to put a thermometer outside the hall with the target on, the ‘fund raising committee’ will be meeting again shortly to plan their next event, the first event was a 60/70’s evening was very well attended and made £500 – and as Eileen says in her letter “donations from any unzipped wallets” will be gratefully received by the Blackdown Hall Committee, please write on the back of any cheques Kitchen Fund

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