Revised rubbish collection days over the Christmas / New Year period

The following table shows all revised Christmas and New Year collection dates in Dorset

Normal collection day                              Revised collection day

Thursday 25 December                            Saturday 27 December
Friday 26 December                                 Monday 29 December
Monday 29 December                              Tuesday 30 December
Tuesday 30 December                              Wednesday 31 December
Wednesday 31 December                         Friday 2 January
Thursday 1 January                                   Saturday 3 January
Friday 2 January                                        Monday 5 January
Monday 5 January                                     Tuesday 6 January
Tuesday 6 January                                     Wednesday 7 January
Wednesday 7 January                                Thursday 8 January
Thursday 8 January                                   Friday 9 January
Friday 9 January                                         Saturday 10 January


About Jacqui Sewell

Broadwindsor & District Councillor since May 2007 - includes Drimpton, Thorncombe, Marshwood and Bettiscombe from May 2015 Dorset Vale Designs - hand made exclusive knitwear & machine embroidered items
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