20’s Plenty Campaign – the facts

The information in the recent leaflet that has just been delivered in Broadwindsor is totally inaccurate.

The 20’s Plenty Campaign was started by SUSANNA NEWELL after the Broadwindsor Parish Plan was published in 2012 when a committee was formed and with support from the Parish Council, County Councillor Rebecca Knox, our MP Oliver Letwin and myself, (yes, the District Council(lor) does know), more information about the 20’s Plenty Campaign can be found at the link below.


Also up until the end of the Summer Term of 2014, I helped a friend by collecting her son from Broadwindsor Primary School and taking him home on Friday’s, and while waiting at the schools gates I often spoke to others waiting for children about the issues of the speed of the traffic, especially when walking to and from school. Some 27 years ago I walked my youngest daughter to and from this same school on a daily basis, therefore I have personal knowledge and experience of the increase in size, volume and speed of the traffic using our roads and I’m so pleased that this 20MPH initiative will shortly be implemented within Broadwindsor. I have also consulted lots of Drimpton residents about looking at a possible scheme for Drimpton on the many occasions I have attended functions in Drimpton, If anyone wants to talk to me about any issues they may have, I will be at the Christmas Lunch this Wednesday in Drimpton Village Hall, or you can telephone me 01308 867145 – as happened with the Fly Tipping in Netherhay Lane, and because it was ‘asbestos sheets’, a potentially hazardous material, I immediately got my car out and went over to investigate, take pictures and arrange for it’s removal – see text below.

Jacqui Sewell

I work with you and for you, I make things happen – I’m here to help everybody.

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