PDF of Damory Timetable, this was on the Website until yesterday (25th June)

PDF of Damory Timetable, this was on the Website until yesterday (25th June)

Disappointing News

I’m extremely disappointed to find out that the 42 timetable on Damory’s Website was totally wrong, to my knowledge this fictitious 42 timetable had been on the Damory website since the 5th of June & the link to it on many other travel sites including the Dorsetforyou website and was in effect giving the people of this area the promise of a ‘new service’, I was hopeful of a ‘Public Apology’ but the operations Manager Adam Keen declined – his email addresses is adam.keen@morebus.co.uk if you want to send him your comments

Below is his email reply – please note in his last para he admits this is not the first time errors have been made

“Further to our conversation of yesterday evening, I have investigated the situation that you brought to my attention regarding service 42.

It will actually continue to operate unchanged when Damory start to run this service, ergo it will run on Wednesdays only.

Please accept my apologies for the confusion and inconvenience that the incorrect website information has caused. I concur that this is not the first time that we have provided incorrect information on our website. My colleagues will take steps to ensure that we improve our output in this regard”

In a subsequent email he says “We will be doing a release about the transfer of the Mike Halford work to Damory in due course”


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